- Boo's First Litter


Red in profile

Red shows the profile - 7/22/08

Red has a very 'laid back' personality and gets along well with the puppy pack. Some of his adult coat is beginning to come through and will be a nice deep color. His frame is sound and stocky.

Gus looking back

Gus looking at you - 8/21/08

This boy has an incredible personality! Gus is the one that will focus his attention on you - a sign of a fabulous competition dog.
Although Gus is the smallest of the puppies, he's got a nice square frame. His coat is a nice rusty color with black mixed in here and there. Gus is going to stack up on the show table and smile while he looks the judge right in the eye!!


BB and Tank

BB and Tank together

BB and Tank at the water bowl - 7/22/08

These two boys are definitely in charge of the puppy pack. BB is alpha dog and Tank is his right hand man; or "right paw pup" in this case. Both of these boys exhibit excellent conformation qualities.

BB is only slightly larger although he appears smaller in the photo because he is in the background. BB is an abbreviation for something, but we're not exactly sure; it could be "Bully Boy", or "Big Boss", or who know what.

Tank got his name when he was very small. When suckling his mother; he wouldn't let go. He was "tanking up". 

Sire: "Becker"

Ch Kristil's Ambassador To Ketka

Am/Can Ch Reverie's Mister Big Stuff

Ch ToMars's Wild Rose At Reverie

Ch Barnstable Stuffed Shirt "Becker"

Ch Barnstable Duncan Donut

Barnstable Lily At Den-Mar

Ch Starline Good N Plenty

Tank and Red together

Tank on left, Red on right - 7/22/08

BB left, Gus right

BB on left, Gus on right - 7/22/08


Dam: "Boo"

Ch Kristil's Ambassador To Ketka

Ch Abbedale Bob's Brother

Ketka Snap Crackle Pop

Ch Reverie's Wich On A Moonray "Boo"

Ch Arcadian Gem's Topaz O'Reverie CD

Ch Reverie's Barnstable Wichcraft

Ch Barnstable Wich Upon A Star

Madison Station
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